In 5 Months


This program is for the people who e READY to thrive in their life by tuning with what really makes them happy and how to make sure doing more of it in life, love and career/business.

In this program, you will redesign your mindset & take it from cluttered, negative, harmful thoughts to confident, powerful and supportive so you can create and live your desires with joy! You will unlock your inner power, connect with your intuition, focus on what serves you and let go of everything that holds you back from living your desires. In turn, you start manifesting your dreams in front of your eyes in the next months.

What you’ll achieve:


  • you get clarity on what you truly want in your life, love and career/ business
  • you know exactly how to achieve your goals, step by step
  • you learn new tools and choose the ones that work the best for YOU
  • you create your own rituals that support you in your journey
  • you master your mindset so you can deliberately create your well-being
  • you FEEL GOOD and HAVE FUN while creating your desired life

What you get:

  • Intensive work with me for 5 months
  • Weekly emails including a module which brings you to the next level.

Topics include: Self-love / Confidence / Inner-peace / Harmony and Joy / Forgiveness/ Healing / Gratitude / Positive Mindset / Fear and Faith/ Manifesting Your Desires / Law of Attraction plus extra module(s) that suits your needs  

  • Two 60 min. 1:1 coaching calls with me per month
  • Summary of every session sent to your inbox
  • Email support between sessions
  • My full commitment to support you during the whole process


  • Two extra 60 minute mentoring sessions on the subject chosen by you
  • Affirmations that suit your needs created especially for you!

We are all unique. We all have a different stories, needs and desires.
That's why I deeply believe in tailor made programs instead of the one that suits all.

The approach I use while working with my clients is based on the know-how and my real life experience.