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Citizen of Earth * Grateful Every Day * In Love With Life

  • Happy wife, married to my Dutchie soul mate.
  • Loving mom of a 1 year old boy, who gives the sweetest cuddling in the world!
  • Start my day with jasmine green tea.
  • In love with walking on the beach during a sunset!
  • Discovering more about the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws
  • Abraham Hicks groupie.
  • My primary love language is quality time.

Let’s get to know each other more!


I was born and raised happily in Poland, recently live in the Netherlands

I have MA degree in Psychology of Management

I’m certified Coach in the International Coach Federation (ICF)

I’m constantly learning, then teaching, then learning as I’m teaching 😉





Hi! I’m Agnieszka.

I’m so glad you found your way here, beauty!

Grab your favor cup of tea, get comfy, and let’s get to know each other...

Living as most of the people around me was never my strong point! Not that I couldn’t do that, I didn’t want it. I was different. I was a rebel. I was a dreamer!

Seeing many of them getting past me with broken hearts, painful souls, disconnected from who they really are,  struggling to survive in life, love, and career and be as others want them to be made me (and still do) feel so sad for them… I could feel them, see their beautiful soul asking for help, hear the heart begging to listen!

I remember when I used to be one of them… The one who just moved through the motions – giving others more attention and love than herself, spending time with toxic people, letting them complain and doing the same. Working a soulless job, eating crap, living in a rush and never having time for self! Confident and go-getting for the external world while sensitive dreamer and unsecured deeply within.

And all the while, on the inside, I was trying so damn hard to break free from this destructive cycle! Not having enough tools, clarity and courage took me some time until I got out of it and started to create a life of my dreams!

Being inspired by my own unexpected challenges and experiences, I realized my journey was indeed my destination. My experience has become my best teacher helping me to connect with who I really am, in turn, I’ve realized my full potential, so I act and live the life infused with purpose, joy and well-being.

I’ve learned a lot along the way. And I’m still learning (and still getting the occasional lessons from the Universe!). And I love sharing all of it here with you, in my blog posts, podcasts and You Tube series. 

I have MA in the psychology of management. I was studying positive psychology, taking part in many trainings in the field of personal and spiritual growth and became a certified coach accredited in International Coach Federation.

As the results of the inner work I do constantly, my desires become my reality.

I had the privilege to share the stage with the high level experts in the field of conscious living by giving the inspirational speech for 1200 people. My articles could be read in a prestigious business magazine in one of the European country. I inspire others by sharing my stories and tools that help me to live my desires!

And the most important privilege I ever have an honour to experience is to be a mom of an amazing boy who joined our life after many years of struggling to get pregnant.

I’m the HAPPINESS ADVOCATE on the mission to help you live a fulfilling life that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

I believe that happiness is a choice we make every single day!